Can You Buy A Redbox Franchise?

Can You Buy A Redbox Franchise?

Redbox machines are a quick and easy way to rent DVDs and games for the family.

Can You Buy A Redbox Franchise

You may be thinking that owning a Redbox machine or a Redbox Franchise would be a good way to make some money. Currently Redbox machines are not available as a franchise opportunity, they are owned by Redbox and installed and maintained by them. They require a location with busy custom so that they get enough people passing and using the machine to justify it.

Generally they are located in great locations that allow customer to rent a DVD on impulse such as pharmacies, stores and fast food outlets. Owning a Redbox machine outright would not be a good idea anyway as its likely the technology in these is likely to change often so you would either get left with an outdated machine or end up paying to upgrade each time.

How To Get A Redbox Machine

How To Apply For A Redbox Machine

Can You Buy A Redbox Franchise?

Can You Buy A Redbox Franchise?

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buy a redbox franchise

6 thoughts on “Can You Buy A Redbox Franchise?

  1. I would like to get more info on the franchise purchase. What is the cost? Are the any monthly or annual fees? I would be placing the unit, I do not have a business.



  2. Wondering if you are selling this franchise concept in Ontario Canada.

    I am interested to find out pricing and expectation for this franchise.

  3. I have store in at 787 hwy 139 dandridge tn 37725 please call us we love to put redbox in my store this is my number is 937-524-3263 or 865-523-3000

    Thank you for your time please call us
    We have 46000 peaple come in my store I am at lake so it is buzy store so please call us

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