Redbox Franchise Startup Cost

Redbox Franchise Startup Cost

Have you spotted those Redbox machines and become taken with the idea of owning a kiosk franchise, be it Redbox or of another kind. The concept of a fully automated business with no store to maintain problem seems like a fantastic idea so lets explore it.

The advantage of a kiosk business is that you can actually run the and do other things too like maintain your job even. As long as you stock the machines and check them on a regular basis then they are fine. But remember is the kiosk business location is everything, so you need to do your homework with regards to that.

Redbox Franchise Startup Cost

Many people online are searching for the opportunity to own their own DVD rental kiosk, especially after seeing the Redbox kiosks and the ease of use it seems like a great opportunity. Sadly Redbox do not offer a franchise and their machines are wholly owned and operated by them. You can get one for your store if it is quite a busy store but otherwise no chance of getting a Redbox machine.

The success of video rental machines such as Redbox will still surprise many, given that rental seems to have disappeared with Hollywood Video and Blockbuster having long since close many or all of their stores. But customers still want the videos available from the Redbox machines. It could well be that the convenience and location of the Redbox kiosks is the part that makes all the difference and still makes them a popular way to get movies.

The alternative to investigate are companies like DVD Now. DVD Now are a Canadian company that let you put a DVD kiosks in locations and provide all the equipment and training and do all the installations. Click here for more information. Expect to spend around 25K to get started with a DVD Now kiosk franchise.

The are similar low startup cost kiosk ventures around too, such as ATM machines, snack machines and photo booths so its work considerig those if you are investigating kiosk business opportunities.

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Redbox DVD Franchise Startup Cost

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